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        The human resources


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        Ynnovate Sanzheng (Yingkou) Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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        Staff code of conduct

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        Issue no.4 of yingchuang (2015) no. 4: liu to zhang jiaxing

        Ying chuang sanzheng (yingkou) fine chemical co. LTD

        Staff code of conduct

        (10th edition)

        The second organizational revision was implemented on 26 March 2008; The third organizational revision was implemented on 6 January 2009; Fourth organizational revision on 6 April 2010; Fifth amendment on 20 December 2012; The sixth amendment and change of name on October 31, 2014; On November 21, 2014, the seventh amendment, the document no. In the eighth revision of March 27, 2015, the document number was changed from the word of battalion, chuang chuang (2014) no.036 to chuang chuang (2015) no.004; The ninth revision on December 20, 2015; The tenth revision of June 15, 2016.

        Before the speech

        Compliance means compliance with all regulations designed to ensure that business activities of companies, organizations and employees conform to applicable laws. And compliance will ensure that all business transactions conform to social conventions, values, and the acceptable range of ethics.

        Camp in three character (yingkou) fine chemical co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "camp" three character ") for the "employee code of conduct" is in order to prevent or reduce losses, detect and correct irregularities, and ensure the company's operating activities conform to the statutory organization rules and regulations.

        This "code of employee conduct" summarizes the most important principles and standards of the battalion's three characteristics, which all of us must understand. And the "employees' code of conduct" and also sums up the camp three employees should bear the basic moral and legal principles, compliance with these guidelines will ensure that our staff can be in a safe range to perform their professional duties.

        In addition to complying with statutory regulations, the company also requires employees to comply with higher ethical standards. The code of ethics is based on the company's values, principles, and personnel management pattern, they will also regulate the relationship of us in dealing with internal and external processing and business partners as well as the relationships among the public institutions.

        Every employee has a responsibility to comply with the employee code of conduct, and management should support employee compliance and set an example. Compliance is a means to maintain the reputation of the company and its employees through confidence-building. Compliance will establish a corporate culture of trust, reliance and integrity in the company.

        Code of conduct can be further understand policy for the company and each department office, workshop has the authority to release specific rules and regulations, supervisor's responsibility to ensure that his subordinates get updated company policy and department formulate specific rules and regulations.

        Chapter I business activities

        (I) management of business transactions

        Article 1 all business activities and procedures of the company must comply with all applicable laws, voluntary obligations and binding rules applicable to company activities. Any employee may not publish any violation of these principles in a business activity and will lead to a violation of company policy.

        Article 2 prior to the adoption of any action that may violate applicable laws and regulations, prior internal legal consultation is essential to circumvention risk.

        Article 3 the company prohibits any form of bribery or attempted bribery by providing or accepting money or valuables.

        Article 4. Only when present, grace, courtesy, and other special treatment is less than the local representative commercial habits, value in reasonable limits, should not be too high and is considered to be a bribe, employees can in the bill or laborer within the permitted scope of offer or accept gifts, favors, courtesy, and other special treatment.

        In case of any doubt, the staff must first obtain the approval of their chief executive.

        Article 5 employees shall be prohibited from using company resources for private benefits. Exceptions to this principle are subject to prior approval by the competent director or clear provisions in the agreement between the work agreement and the collective bargaining agreement.

        Article 6 all fees receipt, accounting documents, financial statements, research report, sales report, environmental and safety, and other company documents must be clear, timely and accurately reflect the nature of the relevant facts and/or transactions. All relevant staff shall be responsible for the work of the auditor with the responsibility of the department responsible for financial statements and auditing, and shall not conceal any necessary information.

        Article 7 only those who have obtained a clear authorization shall make a formal statement on behalf of the camp, especially the statement to the media.

        (2) business relations

        Article 8. We must treat all business partners equally and fairly.

        The choice of suppliers and service providers must be based on an objective and comprehensive standard. In a possible situation, multiple offers must be obtained before signing the contract for selection. To this end, it is necessary to consider the fact that business partners are expected to meet the requirements of the principles contained in this code of conduct.

        Article 9 the typical business promotion methods include commissions, rebates, discounts, free delivery and other similar promotions. The use of these promotional measures must be highly prudent to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. A complete and accurate record of the commercial promotion measures used.

        Article 10 the company shall pay the contract to the other party as soon as possible regarding the goods or services received. Normally, unless the amount involved is very small, it is not allowed to pay all or part of it in cash.

        (3) conflict of interest

        Article 11 camp in three character support staff in youth organization, adult education institutions, sports association, charities, churches and cultural institutions to take responsibility, even if the employees by these organizations to obtain appropriate reward/compensation, camp in three is permitted. However, in any case, the second profession cannot affect the staff to do their best to do their job. Unless the workload of the second career is negligible, in any case, the employee must first inform his immediate supervisor or hr department in the second career.

        Article 12 the third party, including the members of the staff and the immediate family members, shall not carry out business related to the interests of the company or the conflict. If the employee or employees of close relatives in the camp in three of the competitors, customers or suppliers hold substantial economic benefits or for its work, the employee must report to the executive director and the human resources department.

        Article 13 no business transaction may normally be conducted with the relatives of employees, and certain transactions may be carried out through the approval of the board of directors. In such cases, it is necessary to ensure that the employees involved are not involved in the decision-making process. Close relatives include children, parents, siblings and partners who live with employees.

        Article 14 the operation and business information of all companies that are not disclosed to the public shall be kept confidential, either during or after the employee's employment, and shall not be disclosed to an unauthorized third party.

        In the period of employment or thereafter, it is prohibited to use confidential business information for the benefit of the private or unauthorized third party or to use the confidential information directly or indirectly for the purpose of creating three disadvantages.

        It is the obligation of battalion gen 3 to do everything possible to prevent confidential data from being leaked to unauthorized third parties under existing rules.

        Article 15 the employees of the three recruitment camps should treat each other equally and respect each other. In all business activities, employees must respect the rights, nationality and culture of those who have business with the company. Do not discriminate against current employees, potential employees or business partners because of ethnic, gender, religious beliefs, philosophical views, disability or age. Do not harass employees or business partners in any form.

        Article 16 a basic principle of company policy is that all members abide by the relevant anti-monopoly law in their operation.

        Article 17 battalion gen iii fully supports all efforts made by the international community in preventing the production and proliferation of chemical weapons, biological weapons and nuclear weapons including the launch system. Therefore, the company will comply with all existing foreign trade and customs regulations.

        Article 18 the company promises to abide by all applicable tax laws and regulations. Staff must not support business partners in reducing their personal tax liabilities.

        Article 19 protecting the safety and health of human resources, protecting the environment and rational use of natural resources are the basic principles for the commercial activities of the camp. On the basis of legal norms and principles of self-regulation, the company will strive to improve its performance and management system.

        Article 20 serious treatment of personnel related information is always regarded as an important value of respect for individual privacy. Employees and business partners should always be respected to determine which personal information can be disclosed. It is prohibited to collect, process, use or distribute personal data of employees and business partners without authorization.

        Article 21 employees of the company must carefully use the IT system and the data contained in the system to avoid the leakage of information.

        (4) specific implementation

        Article 22 any employee who is aware of any violation of the employee's code of conduct shall report to his supervisor.

        Article 23 violation of the code of conduct of employees will result in disciplinary action, and shall be punished according to the current state laws, regional labor laws and company rules and regulations.

        Article 24 the company will provide special training for special target groups such as environmental protection, safety and occupational health training, etc. Training may be mandatory. Attendance will be recorded during the training.

        Chapter ii staff behavior norms

        Article 25 employees shall offer their seats to the elderly employees, company guests and pregnant women. Don't make a loud noise in the commuter car. It is strictly forbidden to throw food shells and skins inside and outside the commuter car. Any violation of the above rules will be fined 50 yuan each time. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the commuter car. The violator will be fined 100 yuan each time.

        Article 26 the commuter car shall reach the south gate of the company at the prescribed time and cannot be reached at the prescribed time. Every time it happens, the number of employees in the car shall be fined by one yuan per hour. If the commuter car must arrive at the various sites set by the company at the specified time, if it arrives and leaves in advance, the employee will not be able to take the commuter train. Once confirmed, the employee's taxi fee will be borne by the car rental company. If the train is late to the prescribed site for more than 5 minutes, the car company will be fined 100 to 200 yuan.

        Article 27 employees must change their work clothes, wear good labor protective equipment and get into work five minutes early. After work, employees must leave the work post at the prescribed time. For violation of the above rules, each time you find it, you will be fined 50-100 yuan.

        Article 28 employees in working time banned without string hillock, sleep, no reason to take off the duty, avoid dry, chat, play chess, play CARDS, play games, drinking, are prohibited in the category of non-working network chat, browse the web site has nothing to do with the job, through the company subscribe to newspapers and magazines, forbidding drunken mount guard. Any violation of the above rules will result in a fine of 100-200 yuan or immediate dismissal.

        Article 29 employees are strictly prohibited from smoking in the factory area. Smoking, fire (matches, lighters) are strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to fight, to prohibit public insults and abuse of leaders and colleagues, and to steal company property. If you violate the above rules, you will be dismissed immediately.

        Article 30 if a cigarette end is found in the workshop, but it is not possible to confirm the smoking personnel, the group or section of the area which belongs to the area shall be responsible for the detection of a cigarette end as the class monitor of 50 yuan and shall be stacked in turn. 4 cigarette butts and the following, the workshop is the deputy director, the section long fines 50 yuan; 5 cigarette butts and above, the workshop is the deputy director, the paragraph long each fine 100 yuan. The head of the shop shall bear the fine (same amount as the same amount).

        Article 31 an employee shall not be late or leave early, and the employee shall find a fine of 50 yuan. If you are late and leave early, you will be expelled from the university for 15 times a month.

        Article 32 employees shall not be absent from work, violators shall be fined 100 yuan per shift. Absent from work for 3 classes or 5 classes in one year.

        Article 33 an employee who goes out to work should return to the company according to the time of approval. If he fails to return on time, he/she shall apply to the approval leader in advance. You must not take advantage of going out to do business. Once found, a fine of 100 yuan each time.

        Article 34 employees may not meet non-public guests privately during working hours, and if they violate the above regulations, they shall pay a fine of 50 yuan each time they are found.

        Article 35 employees (middle-level and below) who leave the company during working hours shall be required to carry out the exit certificate issued by the department heads or relevant leaders. If the person who fails to take the outside license is forced to leave the factory, he shall be fined 50 yuan each time. The employee did not hold out the door to leave the factory, the doorman does not register to investigate, found one to the doorman fine 50 yuan.

        Article 36 employees slacking, or there is a clear boycott companies not violate national laws and regulations and industry standards of normal production and business operation and management activities of the behavior, bad effects in employees, depending on the plot to removed or be dismissed. Employees who have plagiarized in the theoretical examination of the unified organization of the company have been found by the invigilators on the spot or discovered by the surveillance camera. There is evidence that employees in the company's unified organization theory exam intentionally draw, or deliberately negative answers to lower test scores, to achieve the goal of taking company terminate the labor contract and economic compensation, will be fired out.

        Article 37 employees who are not able to go to work on the day of their illness shall call the department head to ask for leave and obtain approval before going to work. If the patient is seriously ill, he cannot ask for leave in person. He or she shall take the call to the department and get the approval for the call by his relative (the relatives not in yingkou city can be replaced by friends or colleagues). Please call in sick for a month, not more than once a month. Staff leave for two days and the following shall be approved by the workshop director or department manager. The violation of the above rules will be fined 50 yuan each time, or as a absenteeism.

        Article 38 if an employee takes sick leave (three days or more) after he is ill, he must be approved by the director of the department. Leave should be issued by clinic hospital medical certificate (need to pass through X-ray, CT and colour to exceed other auxiliary method to accurately confirm the illness, the above evidence must be provided original and computer-generated original medical certificate) and vacations prove clinic application to the company, according to the hospital diagnosis by the health and approved the final judgment of the actual condition of days off Suggestions and ESHQ director for approval. Employees each suggestion in the diagnosis of vacation days shall not exceed two weeks, otherwise, health not accept (in addition to the countries listed in the major disease), health center a furlough days shall not exceed two weeks. The company does not recognize or approve sick leave due to violation of national laws and regulations. Employees who violate the above rules to take sick leave shall calculate absenteeism by day.

        Employees who cheat on sick leave are expelled and deducted from previous payments.

        Article 39 employees who have been on leave for sick leave, according to the medical period of non-work-related injuries, shall be issued by the department of health after the end of the period of three months or more. The human resources department shall complete the procedures for the resumption of work. In violation of the regulations, a penalty of 100 yuan for a punishment of the employing department and the relevant procedures shall be reprocessed.

        Article 40 employees shall strictly observe attendance system, for dereliction of duty, falsification of check on work attendance, each found, depending on the plot and influence degree on the parties fines of up to 50-100 yuan, from their jobs, or direct fired. Regardless of the way in which the department heads the employee's salary, bonus and benefits, it shall immediately be dismissed, regardless of the amount.

        Article 41 employees of the company shall not wear odd and colored headdress, not open chest, heavy make-up, and shall not wear shorts, vest and slippers. Male employees shall not wear earrings in the factory area; Female employees in the production post are prohibited from wearing high heels, iron spikes and skirts during work hours. The violator found a fine of 50 yuan.

        Article 42 employees shall take good care of company articles and shall not damage them. Whoever intentionally damages the company's goods shall be fined twice as much as the current price of the article and shall be dismissed. If it is not intended to be damaged, the corresponding compensation shall be made according to the specific circumstances, until the equivalent compensation is made.

        Article 43 employees shall not bring non-work bicycles and motorcycles into the factory. The violator found a fine of 50 yuan. Employees should take care of the public bikes in the factory (three rounds), and often wipe the maintenance. The person who has been discontinued due to poor management has found the head of the department responsible for $50.

        Article 44 employees shall eat in the canteen at the prescribed time, and the diners shall find a fine of 50 yuan in advance.

        Article 45 employees should pay attention to hygiene during the meal and prohibit wasting food. The violator found a fine of 50 yuan.

        Article 46 employees shall not be allowed to do business in the work and accept bribes. Once found, immediately dismiss, violate the legal person to hand in the judicial organ to handle.

        Article 47 employees shall comply with the corresponding management system when entering the toilet and bathing place. The violator found a fine of 50 to 100 yuan.

        Article 48 a fine of 100 yuan shall be found for employees who have urinate in any place.

        Article 49 employees shall take good care of the company's green facilities and shall not arbitrarily destroy and trample them. The violator found a fine of 50 to 100 yuan.


        Article 50 the general manager or deputy general manager's office shall not be directly allowed to enter the office without prior appointment. The violator is fined 50 yuan each time.

        Article 51 be husband and wife work in the company's employees, conflict with others by a party, the other party should actively resolve contradictions, if because of the other party involved in the conflict intensified, the involved party fined RMB 100-300.

        Article 52 employees shall not use intercom to deal with matters unrelated to their work during the working period. If they violate the law, they shall find a fine of 50 yuan.

        Article 53 employees shall not be used during work time private company landline telephone contact, such as need private company telephone, must bear the related cost, otherwise once found, according to the consumption cost ten times the fine. The department head shall be responsible for supervision and management.

        Article 54 it is forbidden to use the company's landline to call a hotline, and the office is responsible for verification. Once found, a fine of 50 yuan.

        Article 55 it is strictly forbidden to steal the company's telephone to pay for the personal website, and once it has found a fine of 1000 yuan, it shall be expelled.

        Article 56 employees shall strictly observe the activity regulations in participating in company activities. Violators will be fined 50-100 yuan each time.

        Article 57 employees are strictly prohibited to bring inflammable and explosive goods into the factory. If it is brought into the factory by mistake, give it to ESH department. Those who violate the above regulations will be fined 50-200 yuan or dismissed.

        Article 58 employees must obey the leadership and follow the direction (except the illegal command) during their work. Violators will be fined 50-100 yuan or dismissed.

        Article 59 the important parts of the factory are exempted from entrance. For example: workshop center, feeding room, transformer control room, boiler room, laboratory, flammable explosive tank area, chemical raw materials warehouse, whole sodium cyanide production area, etc. For 3 get together cyanogen chloride workshop and chlor-alkali plant in central control room management by YSFC SJWJ - ESH. 012-2014 (Ⅰ) the alkali, 3 get together cyanogen chloride plant DCS control room entrance card opened, cancellation of workflow, ESFC SJWJ -- ESH. 001-2013 (I) the office entrance guard card opened, the cancellation of work flow entrance guard management regulations to perform, such as sodium cyanide in and out of the way of the whole area to comply with the company files. The violator is fined 100 yuan each time and has been dismissed three times. If a non-post operator is not allowed to operate the special equipment without approval, he shall be found once that there is no penalty of 50-200 yuan for the adverse consequences and shall be dismissed or handed over to the public security organs for adverse consequences.

        Article 60 the fire fighting equipment and utensils set up in the factory shall be kept in a state of war and shall be prohibited from any arbitrary use. In violation of the provisions of the company's regulations on reward and punishment for violating the safe production management. The inspection personnel and supervisors of all regions and posts shall, according to the regulations of the post system, inspect the inspection facilities regularly and pay a fine of 50 yuan.

        Article 61 employees shall fulfill their duties and strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company. A penalty of 50 to 200 yuan, the amount of loss or dismissal caused by a fine of $50 shall be imposed on the company due to the failure of the work, the failure of the company or the economic loss caused to the company.

        Article 62 employees who fail to carry out their daily commutes in accordance with the prescribed time shall be fined 50 yuan three times a month, with a total of more than three fines of 100 yuan.

        Article sixty-three. Who enjoy the phone reimbursement employees in the company must ensure that 24 hours or after transfer the phone to you can feel free to contact telephone, man-machine cannot separate, Ross can't happen. The above case found a fine of 50 yuan.

        Article sixty-four if there is no evidence that employees have the career in the second case report to manager and human resources, and employees are engaged in a second job is to work to bring inconvenience and/or cause a conflict, will be fired out.

        Article sixty-five. If the employee or employees and/or nearly far relatives in camp in three of the competitors, customers or suppliers hold substantial economic benefits or for its work, there is no evidence that employees have been reported to the executive director and hr department. The company will adjust the position of the situation, do not comply with the transfer, shall be expelled.

        Violation of article sixty-six of the international, national, provincial, industry and company highly toxic and hazardous chemical management regulations, rules, regulations, policy, system, standards, and violation of the relevant company (including but not limited to, quality, safety and environmental policies, regulations, standards, rules and regulations, procedures, processes, etc, on the 100 yuan to financial penalties or be dismissed.

        Article sixty-seven the employee refuses to accept the company in violation of state "labor contract law" and other relevant laws and regulations, and under the premise of the labor contract to make the job arrangement or adjustment, will be fired out.

        Article 68 when an employee of a company USES drugs, he shall immediately expel him if he or she discovers or knows through any channel; Any employee who participates in any of the reactionary organizations, superstitious organizations or other illegal organizations, or manufactures, disseminates any anti-party or anti-socialist system of speech, shall be dismissed immediately upon the knowledge of it.

        Article 69 a female employee shall be expelled for serious violation of the company's rules and regulations during pregnancy, maternity and lactation period and meeting the conditions for expulsion.

        Article 70 employees who ride motorcycles to and from work should observe the traffic rules, control the speed, drive on the right, wear helmets, protect the wrist, protective gloves, etc. Violation of the rules, a fine of 50-100 yuan.

        Article 71 employees shall abide by the safety line of the company within the factory and shall be allowed to walk on road or safety line. In violation of the above regulations, a fine of 50-100 yuan shall be imposed.

        Article 72 private cars shall be prohibited from entering the production area and shall be fined 200 yuan once they have been found.

        Article 73 the employees shall, in the short term (limited to one quarter), act in violation of the code of employee conduct or the relevant rules and regulations of the company, and shall be expelled in accordance with the principle of repeat offender.

        Chapter iii implementation and inspection

        Article 74 the employee's code of conduct shall eventually be considered and adopted by the company.

        Article 75 the management department of the general manager, the ESHQ department, the on-duty factory director and the director of each department shall have the right to execute the fine.

        Article 76 an event or behavior that occurred prior to the publication of this "guideline" but has not yet been dealt with shall be dealt with in accordance with the "guidelines" such as events and actions that occurred after the publication of this guideline. This "criterion" has occurred and processed before the release of the event and the behavior is no longer retroactive.

        Article 77 the interpretation of this "criterion" shall be returned to the human resources department of the company.

        (signature of employee representative)

        Ying chuang sanzheng (yingkou) fine chemical co. LTD

        June 15, 2006

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