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        The enterprise culture


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        Ynnovate Sanzheng (Yingkou) Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

        Office phone: 0417-3607018

        Office fax: 0417-3607009

        Sales department: 0417-3607001

        Sales department: 18641767668

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        Company email: lvying@ykysfc.com

        Website: www.icontrends.com

        Company address: xii village, lu nan town, laobian town, yingkou city, liaoning province

        Mission, vision, core values

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        Foreword: camp in three character (yingkou) fine chemical co., LTD. Mission, vision, and core values of refining and the validation process, after brewing, discuss and revise the management, open to solicit comments from employees and so on each link, is now facing public release the staff.

        This is the first time that the "three signs" have been refined and solidified for the development concept and ultimate goal of the 26 years since its birth in 1988. The pursuit of the career pursuit of the "three people" has been made clear; Constraints on the code of conduct of the three persons.

        In development course of the future, vision, mission, core values will have been camp in three paid for all development strategy and carry out all production and business operation activities must follow the basic principles, not because of the change of social situation, environment and personnel changes.

        I. core values:

        Constantly create value for customers, shareholders, and employees

        The pursuit of profit while assuming social responsibility

        Be honest and accountable

        Pursue continuous development and pursue innovation as the driving force for development

        Interpretation of core values:

        The meaning of enterprise is to create value continuously and pursue profit. Value creation is a broad concept, it not only refers to the enterprises to achieve maximum benefit, also must transform itself to create value and create value for employees, customers and shareholders together, create value to make the activities more durable, more meaningful, just can have a more solid foundation.

        The pursuit of profit by ignoring social responsibility is doomed to be profitable and not sustainable. Therefore, the premise of pursuing profit is defined as: firstly, to be a responsible corporate citizen in the social environment.

        People have no faith, honesty and trustworthiness are the most basic principles of the act of standing, and must be strictly observed and carried forward.

        The company pursues to become a centennial enterprise, with innovation as the original motivation and sustainable development.

        Ii. Core mission:

        It brings a more secure, colorful and comfortable life to the masses

        Interpretation of the core mission:

        Our leading products melamine is an important chemical intermediate, and we provide high quality raw materials for pesticides, reactive dyes, additives, fluorescent whitening agents, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers.

        As a widely applied chemical intermediate, melamine is closely related to people's life and brings people a safer, more colorful and more comfortable life:

        The use of pesticides from traditional small peasant economy to modern intensive agricultural development inevitably choice, it will farmers from the traditional labor, improve labor productivity, reduce labor cost, for the majority of farmers with relatively comfortable and more colorful life.

        Reactive dyes have solved the problem of clothing fading, and different colors of clothing cannot be mixed. It is a revolution in the dye industry. Make people's life more colorful, comfortable and safe.

        The color of the paper with fluorescent brightener is softer and more helpful to protect the eyes. The detergent added to the fluorescent whitening ensures a better gloss of white clothing...

        Responsibility care and continuous improvement are the basic development principles and code of conduct for the three characteristics of the battalion. The core of it is: bring about a safer, more colorful and more comfortable life for the masses.

        It will be the highest mission and will be dedicated to fulfilling the mission.

        Iii. Vision

        Become the world fine chemical industry leader.

        Become a hundred year enterprise, and continue to develop.

        Become a model of innovation and profit growth.

        Behavior is responsible for social and moral ethics.

        The basic principle of sustainable development is the principle of "responsibility care".

        Interpretation of the vision:

        To succeed, you must have clear, ambitious and realistic goals. Each employee has such a goal. Our ultimate goal to be able to be reflected in the belief: camp in three character to the masses more secure, more colorful, more comfortable life, we do everything to achieve this goal.

        To win a successful future, you must act. We are taking positive actions rather than negative ones. To this end, we set clear objectives and implementation strategies.

        Observe law and ethics

        Everything is customer-centric

        The persistence of "enterprise entrepreneur six spirit", which is the core of "economy, dedication, strict and innovation", is not changed by the change of time and environment.

        Adhere to the principle of "responsibility care" in chemical industry to protect employees, environment and society.

        Respect for each person, regardless of culture, gender, age, nationality or race.

        Be frank, honest and impartial, respect different opinions and encourage information exchange.

        Continuous learning and transformation to improve learning outcomes, encourage personal development, and promote teamwork.

        Clear work objectives and focus on implementation, give employees full rights and encourage openness.

        Encourage innovation and progress, learn from your mistakes and strive for the best results.

        Passionate about the chemical industry.

        Our core competitiveness is reflected in:

        Innovation motivation


        Keep forging ahead

        Fast line drive

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